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Steve Littlefield - Owner

Steve Littlefield

Steve grew up in Wichita Falls, TX and started his career washing dishes at Underwoods BBQ. He became interested in motorcycles and purchased his first bike, a ‘66 Honda S90. When Steve was not in school or washing dishes he was hanging out at the local Honda dealership begging for a job. In 1966, when he was just 16 years old he was finally given the opportunity to take an ICT (Industrial Cooperative Training) class through his high school at a local Honda dealership to learn about the motorcycle mechanic trade. After graduation he worked for another small dealership in the area from 1968-1981 as a motorcycle technician. In 1981 Steve opened his first motorcycle store, which offered parts and accessories along with service. The store continued to do business for 10 years. In 1990 Steve went back to the first dealership he worked at and purchased 50% of the dealership. His business partner just happened to be Eddie Hill, a champion racer for the NHRA and SDBA series. In 2004 Steve sold the 50% back to Eddie and moved to Georgetown to purchase a local Yamaha and Suzuki dealership, adding Kawasaki in early 2005. Business boomed and he purchased land and built Central Texas Powersports in 2008, allowing him to add BRP products. In 2009 he purchased the local Polaris dealership and in 2010, a local Honda dealership. Steve is happy to say that business has grown in 31 out of the 33 years he has been active, and continues to grow as he looks to the future. After 48 years in the motorcycle business he still has no intention of retiring, and still loves coming into work every day. Besides being a business man, Steve’s love for motorcycles is obvious when you meet him. He has participated in a variety of flat track, roadracing, motocross and enduro events throughout his life, and holds a personal collection of more than 40 classic motorcycles. He still rides regularly, and still enjoys taking cross country trips. He is even planning to ride a dual purpose bike to Peru in the future. Steve loves to meet any visitors to Central Texas Powersports, so don't forget to say hi!
Teresa Littlefield - Owner

Teresa Littlefield

Teresa grew up in Memphis, TN and moved to TX with her family after her graduation. In 1981, when Steve opened his first dealership, Teresa worked in the same strip mall a few doors down at Transamerica. Steve’s son Paul, who was 5 at the time, used to walk down to the Transamerica to pick up a Dr. Pepper which is how Steve met Teresa. Teresa stayed in the banking business until moving with Steve to the Georgetown area. Steve and Teresa used the excuse of then, 7 year old Paul’s BMX race competition to marry in Las Vegas. Teresa has been involved in nearly all aspects of Steve’s business, and you’ll often hear Steve stating that he would not be where he is today if it wasn’t for all of Teresa’s help. She is also the one to credit for all the delicious cookies and other treats you may find around the dealership!
John Walker - General Manager

John Walker

General Manager
John was born in Lockhart, Texas, but did most of his growing up in Port Aransas. He started riding "way too young," as his dad liked to put him on the tank of his motorcycle when he rode. He got his first 3-wheeler, an ATC 70, when he was 7, and he has been an avid dirt rider ever since. He feels fortunate to have grown up in a small coastal town because of the lifestyle it afforded him. He lists his hobbies as: cross fit, boating, camping, vacations in Mexico, and working at Central Texas Powersports. He is a subscriber to the saying that if you do something you love, you'll never work a day in your life. So if you like what you do and don't consider it work then it must be a hobby. John is married with two daughters and one grandchild. He served in the US Army, and attended South Plains College.


Dean Moorhead - Sales Manager

Dean Moorhead

Sales Manager
Dean grew up in the Georgetown area. After school he enlisted in the US Army and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. When he returned to civilian life he began working in the powersports industry where he has remained for more than 10 years. While he began his motorcycle riding life as a sportbike rider his interest in recent years has shifted toward the adventure touring bikes. He presently lives in the Georgetown area with his wife and daughter.
Aaron Fink - Finance Manager

Aaron Fink

Finance Manager
Aaron was born and raised in Austin, Texas. His father, an accomplished mechanic, took in side jobs that made motorcycles and ATVs commonplace in the garage. By age 8 he was riding a Honda 3 wheeler, the same type that became infamous for flipping. Something they did so often that it seemed they could do it standing still. His life was spared when he moved up to a Honda XR80, and since then has enjoyed a succession of adventure, and sport touring bikes. His favorite possession these days is a CB1100. Aaron began his career in the powersports industry, took a break to try his hand at insurance, and then returned because he missed working with people who suffer the same passion he has. When he is not working in the finance department he can be found on some form of 2 wheels or sampling a new restaurant.
Ethan Williams - Online Sales Manager

Ethan Williams

Online Sales Manager
Ethan recently moved to Austin from nearby Liberty Hill and though he’s new to motorcycle sales, he is definitely not new to riding. If he’s not riding his Kawasaki KFX700, he’s taking care of his baby, a 2010 Mustang GT which can be spotted in some of the local car shows.
Mikel Dornhecker - Sales And Marketing

Mikel Dornhecker

Sales And Marketing
Mikel was born in California. After high school, he went into the Army where he served at a number of duty station, including a tour in Viet Nam. He began riding motorcycles while stationed in Germany. Since then he has owned a variety of bikes, his favorite was a Norton Commando. After the Army he worked for, Don Vesco, who was, at the time, the motorcycle land speed record holder for 2 wheeled streamlines. He moved to Texas in 2008. He and his wife enjoy riding motorcycles out in the Hill Country.
Michael Cisneros (MC) - Sales

Michael Cisneros (MC)

Michael Cisneros, better known as MC, was born in central Texas. He grew up in a fishing and hunting family, fishing the lakes and stock ponds in Texas. He prefers saltwater fishing so he has traveled to Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rico, and the Bahamas to "chase fish." He became hooked on bikes back when he crashed his brothers Kawasaki LTD750 in his teens. Today he rides a Suzuki sport bike but has had his eye on a certain Yamaha Raider to provide more comfort for his girlfriend. He follows Formula 1 and Moto GP racing. But when he's not working or riding you can find him on the golf course working on his 3.5 handicap. Riding to Wyoming on a Honda Grom is one of the items on his bucket list.
Robert Moseley - Sales

Robert Moseley

Robert was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. Like most boys he was drawn to bicycles but unlike many he spent 10 years racing BMX. Golf was also an important component in his life. Enough so that he eventually attended the Golf Academy of America. After that he taught golf for about 3 years. When he decided he wanted to make a career change to something more exciting he turned to motorcycles. He had been riding sport bikes for about 8 years so he turned to the powersports industry.
Zach Taylor - Sales

Zach Taylor

Zach is a native son, born and raised in Georgetown, Texas. Sports were an important part of his growing up. He played baseball at Georgetown High School, and in college at Corpus Christi A&M. He tested a career as a meat cutter for 4 years before he took a part time job with Central Texas Powersports as a detailer. It wasn't long before he was offered a full time position in sales and left meat cutting behind. A scratch golfer, he still loves sports of all kinds. Each year, he and friends hit the road on motorcycles headed to New Mexico and Colorado, snubbing their noses at hotels along the way. Instead, choosing to rough it on the back roads where they travel.


Brad Brown - Parts Manager

Brad Brown

Parts Manager
Originally from little Woodward, Ok, Brad moved here in 2006 to allow his wife to finish her Phd in microbiology. Before he joined us here at Central Texas Powersports, he started his career in a Oklahoma motorcycle dealership that had been in business since the late 60’s. When he isn’t busy with his two young children you’ll find Brad out adventuring on ATVs and dirt bikes. Looking for parts and accessories? Stop by and Brad will be happy to help you with anything you need!
Tom Freid - Parts & Accessories

Tom Freid

Parts & Accessories
Tom was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. During the short summers of his youth he learned to hunt, fish, and ride motorcycles, while the long winters were dedicated to hockey. He has more than 25 years of automotive, and powersports experience in service, and parts. Today he is the proud father of 3 daughters and 1 son. He and his wife are residents of the local area.
Ben Moreno - Parts & Accessories

Ben Moreno

Parts & Accessories
Ben was born in Austin, and graduated from Salado High School. He now attends Austin Community College while working at Central Texas Powersports. He began riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers at a young age, which lead him to discover his aptitude for all things mechanical. His proudest accomplishment is obtaining the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts.
Alyssa Hernandez - Parts & Accessories

Alyssa Hernandez

Parts & Accessories
Alyssa was born and raised in Round Rock, Texas, as part of a big family. She joined the powersports industry soon after finishing school when she took a job as the office manager for a powersports repair shop. While she likes riding four wheelers she has been seen checking out dirt bikes. She is a pet person who enjoys both her cats and her dog.


Our service department has a combined total of 171 years of service experience. With seasoned veterans who remember the good old days when a few simple tools were all you needed, to those who know the computer is the first tool to grab. Our entire service team is made up of enthusiasts who all have multiple certifications and are sent off to school to continue to stay current in our industry.

Aaron Schmidt - SERVICE WRITER

Aaron Schmidt

While Aaron was born in Pontiac, Michigan, he grew up in the nearby village of Goodrich. After graduating from High School, he became a Paramedic, a job he kept until 1996, when he made a substantial change in career path. He joined the Air Force and trained in Pharmacy. That became his primary job for 15 of the 20 years he spent in the military. The other 5 years were spent as a Military Training Instructor (Drill Sergeant), kicking butt and training Airmen. Today, he is retired from the Air Force, and married with 3 children. His mechanical training began at the age of 4 with a Suzuki JR50. Since then he has provided a home for a number of motorcycles, including a Goldwing, used to complete a number of cross-country rides. When he is not working he can be found with family, wrenching and talking about all things motorcycle, his method of enjoying family and sharing his lifelong motorcycle addiction.
Katelyn Worley - Service Writer

Katelyn Worley

Service Writer
Katelyn was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After High School she attended MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) where she studied domestic as well as metric motorcycles, and personal watercraft. She began riding street bikes until she discovered how much fun it is to play on a dirt bike. When not working, she might be at a motocross track or , more likely, skimming across a Texas lake on a watercraft. "I'm a fish out of water," she claims. Favorite things: food, Dr Pepper, and her 2 dogs.
Melvin Dunn - Shop Foreman

Melvin Dunn

Shop Foreman
Melvin has been in the motorcycle business for 34 years. He loves that there are still plenty of old hippies in Austin (that way he blends in). Sunday morning is for cleaning the pool. He may look like rock and roll, but Melvin loves his country music. Life just would not be right for Melvin without motorcycles and watercraft. Social media isn’t in his vocabulary, but he’s gotten pretty good at email.
Robert Gantan - Technician

Robert Gantan

Robert was born in San Francisco, California, where he completed High School before joining the Marine Corps. He is the oldest of 5 children, with 3 brothers and 1 sister. When Robert was 10 his uncle gave him a ride on a Yamaha FJ1100, igniting his love for riding and eventually mechanics. Today, Robert is the proud father of 3 adult children. He credits the day he moved from Arizona to Texas, to start a whole new life, as one of the most important moments in his life.
Carl Carlsen - Technician

Carl Carlsen

Carl was born and raised in Florida and has lived in the Austin area since 1993. He has been in the powersports industry for more than 20 years and is recognized as a factory trained Honda Registered Technician and is Yamaha Bronze Certified. His career is unusual in that he has only worked at one dealership until now. He and his wife share more years of marriage than Carl has in the industry. More important, they share pride in their two teenage daughters. When Carl is not at work, he and his family can be found with other members of a local Jeep club, working on a Jeep or exploring a seldom traveled trail somewhere far from the highway. When not playing with Jeeps he may be on a gun range, out hunting, or with family.
John Wilson - TECHNICIAN

John Wilson

John was born in Salem, Massachusetts. At 3, he was moved to Cedar Park, Texas, when his father was transferred, and that's where he primarily grew up. During his senior year of High School, his father was again transferred, this time to Sierra Vista, Arizona. There John found himself surrounded by desert and decided it was a good time to begin riding dirt bikes. When he graduated from High School he returned to Cedar Park to be closer to friends. John joined Central Texas Powersports in late 2011, and worked in the warehouse and later in setup. Today, John is a service Technician. He is married and the proud father of a daughter. When he is not working he is spending time with his wife and daughter.
Michael Norfolk - TECHNICIAN

Michael Norfolk

While Michael was born in Kailua, Hawaii, he grew up in Saint Petersburg, Florida. He eventually joined the Marine Corps where he served for 10 years. After leaving the Corps he attended the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute focusing on multiple metric brands. Today he rates hanging out with family, he has a wife and daughter, as the most important thing he does. Though he likes riding or driving anything fast, he still manages to find time for some saltwater fishing.
Chris Runnels - TECHNICIAN

Chris Runnels

Chris is a Louisiana boy, born and raised. After High School he attended the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, until motorcycles captured his attention. That took him to Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando Florida. He has been a part of the powersports industry ever since. When not working, he likes to spend time with his wife and daughter. His hobbies include riding street and dirt machines and playing guitar.


Laura Vizcaino - Office Manager

Laura Vizcaino

Office Manager
Laura has been in the automotive and powersports industry the majority of her life. Her first introduction to motorcycles was while she was in college and worked part time in an automobile dealership that also sold Honda motorcycles. She has lived in the Austin area since 1990. Laura enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.
Diane Rodriguez - Office support

Diane Rodriguez

Office support
Diane can usually be found working away in her back office. Though she has lived in the Austin area since 1985, she is originally from Lamesa, TX. She enjoys riding with her husband on their Harley and is a proud mother of three sons, including one Marine.
Joni Drake - Reception

Joni Drake

Joni Drake Joni is a proud Texan, born in Kingsville and raised in Victoria. She moved to Granger in 1995, soon after graduating from College. Today, she is married with 3 adult children who have just begun their families. Joni is hoping that someday there will be enough grandchildren to make up a touch football team. Over the years, she has been a volunteer with various organizations. When she is not at work, or with grandchildren, she will likely be fishing, or hunting with her husband.